Owler Inc. Rebrand

Owler Inc. crowdsources business insights by providing news alerts, company profiles, and polls. Also, The platform allows members to follow and research companies. As Owler's active user growth passed one million, Owler in turn wanted to refresh the brand to reflect the company’s maturity in the tech industry and do so without losing the whimsical persona the company was built on. My responsibilities included the entire rebrand of Owler's identity and the creation of their standards manual. 


Website Redesign

The redesign of Owler’s website sought to unify the product pages and bring them into alignment with the new standards manual. Responsibilities included new iconography and typography; the designing and implementation of new product features; redesigned UX and UI of the on-boarding process; redesigned layouts; data card icon and user flow redesign; also, the redesign of charts, graphs, footers, headers, and navigation.  


Redesign: company Profile


redesign: Owler Insights

Making company and CEO statistics easily accessible drastically improved user engagement and data card contributions. 


Daily Snapshot Landing Page

The Daily Snaphot is Owler's daily news email that is sent to users to keep them up-to-date on the companies they follow.