Human Rights Poster Series

The series is based off of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and focuses on rights that address violence. Out of all of the rights listed in the declaration, violent atrocities are issues that I feel strongly about and sought to bring such acts to the forefront of understanding by marrying statistical with anecdotal information. 

The three issues addressed in the poster series are issues that most US citizens don't encounter frequently but are still prevalent issues throughout the world. The typical American reads left-to-right, making the top-to-bottom nature of the numerical evidence feel slightly foreign. Both the Forced Disappearance and Brutality poster have a color scheme that is meant to reflect immigration papers in attempts to draw a connection to areas outside of the USA and hint at a possible cause of the refugee population and the policies of foreign countries. The Torture poster has a similar color scheme but the tones have been altered so they draw a closer connection with that of flesh and blood.

Extensive research into case studies and countries guilty of these crimes brought on the realization that such serious topics don't need the assistance of gimmicky image referencing. The power words directly corresponding to the topic resinate in the viewer to a greater degree when unobstructed and joined with statistical evidence, which increases the likely hook of a viewer taking action.